PeliFilip announces the following internal promotions: Ioana Roman, Eliza Baias and Mihnea Săraru are promoted to the position of partner, Raluca Puşcaş, Alexandra Manciulea and Alexandru Goşa are promoted to the position of counsel, Mirabela Maria and Ana Pantilică are promoted to the position of senior lawyer.

“We are approaching our 10-year anniversary, which is a great opportunity for us to rejoice at what we have built together and celebrate the achievements of our colleagues. The promotions are granted in recognition of the talent, merits and outstanding professional efforts manifested consistently by our colleagues and of our trust in the role and significant contributions they will continue to have to the growth and success of PeliFilip. I am glad that the promotions bring to the fore colleagues from all five of our departments and prove a balanced distribution of the opportunities for career development and excellence within our company”, declares Cristina Filip, Managing Partner at PeliFilip.

Ioana Roman, partner (Real Estate and Projects Department)

“I had the opportunity to grow professionally within PeliFilip team, a united, dynamic and ambitious community made up of some of the best lawyers in Romania. I am proud that, together with my colleagues, I have participated over time in the largest transactions in Romania. I was particularly attracted by the complex projects that have challenged me to find innovative solutions for our customers, thus setting precedents in our legal practice. The promotion to the position of partner is an honour for me and I trust that together we will continue to successfully engage in complex and exciting projects and provide our customers with high quality services.”

Eliza Baias, partner (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Department)

“It was with great honour that I accepted my colleagues’ proposal to become a partner this anniversary year, which is a crowning achievement in my career path within the company. I started my career in 2008 with the lawyers who founded PeliFilip, who have been mentors, teammates and good friends, and contributed to my development both at professional and personal levels. Together with this team, I am looking forward with enthusiasm to the next professional challenges that await me in this new capacity”.

Mihnea Săraru, partner (Litigation Department)

“I thank PeliFilip’s partners for the trust and support I have been given throughout our collaboration so far, as well as for the invitation to join them, an invitation that I accepted with enthusiasm and responsibility. I look at this new professional stage through the eyes of the young man who, eight years ago, at the beginning of his career, joined the company in search of a team to share his values, and I believe that the consensus for the values and performance has been the basis for my professional development within PeliFilip Litigation Department. The same values and standards will continue to guide me, both in the relationship with my colleagues and customers who entrust us with mandates, and whose support and trust have led me here.”

Raluca Puşcaş, counsel (Commercial Department)

“I am glad to be part of a team of professional and talented lawyers, and this new professional stage is equally due to them. Our work requires permanent determination and understanding of the challenges faced by our customers and, therefore, we must be able to offer solutions that are creative and tailored to a continually evolving business environment, including in the light of the European regulations.

Promotions within PeliFilip team


My diversified specialization in financial services, as well as in complementary areas in the commercial field, in a variety of industries and in the personal data protection field, will allow me to develop integrated services that we can offer to our customers. I am glad to be able to dedicate my experience and knowledge to interesting projects within the PeliFilip team, with whom I share the same professional and performance values”.

Alexandra Manciulea, counsel (Finance, Banking and Capital Markets Department)

“Together with PeliFilip team, I have written pages of history: from the first banking business transfer in Romania in 2010, to the first bank loan of EUR 1 billion ever granted in our country and assistance in acquisitions and mergers that have changed the top three banks in Romania. We have grown together to the international recognition of PeliFilip as a top tier law firm in Romania, and in my case, to the confidence vote and new responsibility I receive from the company, in my new position of Counsel.”

Alexandru Goşa, counsel (Litigation Department)

“We have an extraordinary team at all levels and I am proud that, together with my colleagues, I have participated in some of the most complex litigation and arbitration proceedings.

The promotion to the position of Counsel position comes with greater responsibility for me in future and I trust that I will continue to make a significant contribution to assisting our customers, together with the PeliFilip team.”

Mirabela Maria, senior lawyer (Real Estate and Projects Department)

“I feel very grateful for the environment I found at PeliFilip, for the projects to which I had access to and for the people I worked with and who have contributed substantially to my development. I see this promotion as a mutual recognition of a professional suitability.”

Ana Pantilică, senior lawyer (Litigation Department)

“It is with joy and confidence that I accept my new role in the team in which, almost six years ago, I have luckily chosen to start my professional career. During my journey within PeliFilip, I have learned, with the guidance and support of my colleagues, to manage projects that were both difficult and beautiful, as well as to meet the requirements and protect the interests and projects of our customers in an extremely dynamic and competitive economic environment.”

This year, PeliFilip was designated “Law Firm of the Year” for the second time in Romania at the Chambers Europe Awards Gala held in Madrid in April. The prestigious European award for excellence in the field of law was granted to PeliFilip team for the results obtained in 2017 on the Romanian market.

Promotions within PeliFilip team